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Hello!  I apologize for not typing in French; other than English, the only language I speak is the language of bad dice-rolling.

I have been working on the World of ASL, a compendium of EVERY ASL-related project.

You can see it at

I am writing to ask your help.  Soon I will begin writing the section with French and Belgian ASL products.  This will include:

ASL News
Trench of Death
Casus Belli
Vae Victis
Le Franc Tireur
Gazette d'ASL

And more, if there *is* more.

As you can see from the completed sections of the Web site, I am looking for publication information, components, descriptions of contents of magazines/newsletters, and photographs.

Especially for these products, I need:

--information and pictures of early issues of ASL News (I have the last 5 or six issues, but that's all).
--information on Gazette d'ASL.  What the heck is it?  What is in it?  And pictures!
--information and pictures on early issues (1-4) of Le Franc Tireur
--information and pictures of Tactiques, including contents (I have 6 issues, but I forget which ones I don't have; I will have to check)
--information on Trench of Death #1
--information on Journal du Strategie?  Is that different from the above?

Anyway, *any* helpful information would be much appreciated.  I have some of these products, and I have done research, of course, but especially for the older stuff, I would be eternally grateful for your assistance, advice, wisdom, etc. 

I will even root for you in the World Cup. :)

Merci beaucoups,

Mark Pitcavage


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Le Journal du Stratège was a different publication than the other ones.
It was rather amateurish (I sent you some of its scenarios and you kindly rewarded me by sending me a free copy of Buckeyes - thanks again).
I would include that publication among the others, for "history's sake"... but I am very conscious that JS's contribution to ASL was very marginal.
If you need proofing for what you would want to write in French, simply ask me.
If you need translation of parts of these above mentioned publications, ask me too.

Thank you for your impressing contribution to the hobby, Mark.



P. S. : "beaucoup" is an adverb and takes no "s". ;-)

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I think your list is quite complete for publications in French. The very few additional things I can think of are the following:
** the PIN, which was a newsletter in pdf format that summarised tournament results and other things like that. No scenarios included, but still devoted to ASL. There were something like 4 issues, written by Manu Desanois (you can find him on this forum under the name Manu_Histofig).
** Vae Victis made a few scenarios, sometimes with their analysis, and published a series of articles "ASL n'ayez plus peur du monstre" (ASL: don't be afraid of the Monster anymore). The first part of the article (about infantry) and its accompanying scenario are available in French as download on
** Casus Belli, a magasine mainly devoted to roleplaying and boardgames, had one special issue with ASL scenarios in it. One of them was 'defense élastique' (in-depth defence) and came along with an historical article about German defensive doctrine in the eraly war.
There were four other scenarios published by CB : "Les Mamelons" (the tits) Bir Hakeim, june42 (desert), 'Un Epineux Problème' (a Thorny Problem) which is the fight for Cactus Farm, Tunisia April43; 'Chasse à l'Ours' (Bear Hunt) Hungary Feb45, 'La Dernière Charge' (The Last Charge) Guadalcanal, October42.

There was another magazine in French which talked about games: Jeux & Strategies (Games & Startegies) but as far as I can recall they never produced any material for ASL (they should not be confused with the 'Journal du Stratège' however).

"C'est vraiment trop zinjuste !"

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The magazine "Graal" (roleplaying/wargame) published some ASL scenarios too.

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Here is the first draft of the Tactiques section:

Is this accurate?

Since I do not have three of the issues (I wish I did), I could not describe their contents (except a little bit for issue #1), nor could I provide any photographs.

I also don't know which issue the hedge overlays appeared in.  Issue 6?

If anybody has any pictures of these, I would be grateful.  If anybody has copies to sell, I would be even more grateful. ;)

best regards,


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 That's fine. Little more infos for :

 Issue n°6 was about Normady and bocage with 11 overlays of bocage (see ASL Journal). A rules article on walls, hedges and bocage. An historical one on the 29th US div "Blue & Gray". Replay/analysis of scenario TAC48 "Trapped" using the overlays.

 Issue n°7 is about Tunisia & GI's first fights. An article is about desert terrain chart & LOS for Hillocks. Replay/analysis of scenario TAC40 "Scottish Nightmare".

 Best regards.
" Soldats de la Légion Etrangère, votre drapeau n'a pas de plis  assez amples pour contenir tous vos titres de gloire !! "

  Général DELIGNY

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I have put up the first version of the World of ASL's Le Franc Tireur section; see

I would appreciate corrections, comments, additional information, etc.

Thank you very much!!!



I corrected your link : it had lft.html only, rather than worldlft.html#lft, so it didn't work. Cheers, Robin
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** Vae Victis made a few scenarios, sometimes with their analysis, and published a series of articles "ASL n'ayez plus peur du monstre" (ASL: don't be afraid of the Monster anymore). The first part of the article (about infantry) and its accompanying scenario are available in French as download on

All 4 parts of the VV ASL tutorial are available in English as well:  :-$

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Good job Mark
I really appreciate your website
"Déjà vous n'êtes plus qu'un mot d'or sur nos places.
Déjà vous n'êtes plus que pour avoir péri"

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Well, I'm not a grognard so I don't have much to add to your proposition but I pick up the occasion to thank you for your great site.

If anybody here didn't browse it yet, do it, it is really worth the visit !

I'll check for some ASL material in my old Casus belli ;-).
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I have a scenario:  JW7 Tonnerre Mecanique.  It is in French.  The only identifying information is an image of an elephant and the word Assurbanipal.

Does anybody know where this came from?

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Bon jour and howdy.  As some of you know, I am upgrading my desperation morale website to a much better, modern version.  To do so, I have to migrate all my old material over.

While doing this, I noticed that I still do not have copies of Tactiques no 1 and Tactiques no 6.  If anybody has copies of either issue they would like to sell, please let me know.  You can e-mail me at  I can pay via paypal. 

Also, if anybody has any good photographs they would like to contribute (or take, then contribute) to the website that feature any French or Belgian ASL products, I would be happy to receive them.  One feature of the new website is that I have much more flexibility when it comes to displaying photographs of ASL products (basically, no limits on amounts or sizes), so I really want to upgrade the visuals.

Merci in advance. :) :) :) :)