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Je n'avais pas vu... SK3 pour Noël ?

Ken Dunn  - Nov 3, 2006 6:03 am (#2128 Total: 2165) 
So thought I would post an update about the status of ASLSK 3. Last night (or maybe it was early this morning) Brian and Perry finished the layout for the box top and back as well as all the counter sheets.Today they go to the printers. If I recall what Brian told me it takes 4 weeks for the printers to do counter sheets and boxes.

It is looking more and more like ASLSK 3 ships before the end of the year. Now if I could just finish those last two scenarios! Actually, I think the playing that I ran through last night is showing that one of the two is done. So that leaves one last scenario, the rules and the playaids to be finalized and sent to the printers. Apparently paper printing does not take as long as cardboard printing. So the long lead time stuff has gone out already.

Reste plus qu'à attendre, et à préparer la traduction  8)
MMP a prévu de fournir en avance le livret de règles pour une traduction ?

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