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Détails donnés sur GS (le plus important, c'est qu'il ne tourne qu'avec la dernière version de VASSAL) :

This version is about bug fixes:

Crashes during Board Selection and Setup. We fixed a couple of bugs that caused issues when using the BoardPicker wizard at startup.

AFV’s marked with a Bad Things label now show up in the Broken/Malf Finder.

Fixed issues causing the “Outdated Custom Code” messages.

Fixed North Korean concealment and Italian 347 BH bugs.

Fixed bug with Marsh to Level 0 terrain transformation.

Units moved with Numpad now report move and are marked moved.

LOS Freezing- to prevent LOS freezing when both players check LOS at the same time, the los buttons on remote devices are disabled once a player clicks his los button. Ending the los check enables the other player’s buttons again.

Cropping to a Full Hex was still kicking out the los engine in some situations. Fixed that dead.

Blind hex Gully bugs – fixed a minor bug when determining blind hexes in los and when tracing los into a Gully.

Board-specific Overlays (those listed in the TerrainSSR window) now only block los when touched by los thread.

Chat window now reports if VASL los enabled or disabled at game startup.

Plus, we did some other stuff:

Moved VASL to VASSAL3.5.5. You will need VASSAL3.5.5 to run this VASL version. Any other version is at your own risk.

Created a separate VASL tab in Preferences. All those listed there are specific to VASL – use it to set the red circle “look here” preference. Those remaining under the General tab are VASSAL Preferences.

Added functionality to the Casualties Bin: you can now send an AFV to the Cas Bin and create a wreck on the map with one click. Same for CRing Squad to a HS and sending a HS to the Bin (there is also an option to ELR the squad first). But you will still have to break the remaining HS (if needed) with another click. Prisoner CVP values can now be changed. BH or ELR leaders now changes their CVP.

Added CX menu option to ? counters. (This was flagged as an issue in October 2015; we may be slow but we don’t go fast).

Added a Dust Shader button. Works like the night shader only with a number of gradients.

We added custom phase track wheels that enable you to use individual nationality icons in the phase wheel and turn track tools. Plus the phase tracker now runs for 40 turns! Credit Gordon Molek and Walter Parker for their assistance with the custom turn markers and phase wheel. Gordon did all the turn and reinforcement marker graphics. Walter figured out the way to get the phase tracker to go up to turn 40.

VASSAL3.5.5 fixes a bug that was eliminating the first character typed in the chat window.

To use VASL6.6.2 you must first download and install VASSAL3.5.5. Compatibility issues: 6.6.2 is compatible with games saved in 6.6.1. Unit counters created in 6.6.1 will not have the new Casualties Bin options but can still be sent to the Bin and have their CVP added.
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