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Hors ligne Mats Levin

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My name is Mats Levin and I am swedish. I live in Paris (Nanterre) at the moment and will stay here until the end of may.

I'm was hoping to get a chance to play some ASL while I'm here. I speak and understand a little french, but not very much.
If somebody is interested please email me at My schedule is not too tight. I will have some Saturdays and Sundays of and some days I can also play during daytime.

I am pretty much a newbie... I played around maybe 10 games of ASL. I have so far only played infantry-only scenarios, though right now I trying to learn the vehicles-rules (Puuh...! :). If somebody would have the patience to play me in my first vehicule scenario, that would be great! Otherwise I'm up for an infantry-only scenario.
Feel free to email me if you're interested!