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Citation de: Brian Youse

Uli, we don't even do rough schedules.  That said, Perry and I were just talking about this last weekend at Winter Offensive. We cannot imagine a scenario, barring something catastrophic, which would prevent the following from coming out this year.

ASL Journal 6
Armies of Oblivion
ASL Rulebook reprint
Beyond Valor reprint
ASL Starter Kit #1 reprint
ASL Starter Kit #2
The Mighty Endeavor
Bloody Ridge
Fire in the Sky
Shifting Sands
Operations #47, #48, and #49

These are all projects which have hit or are so close to hitting their preorder number (FITS) that they should be done. We've never done so much in a single year, but we've never had so many people working on layout and graphics, either.

Add to that "the possibles", things which may/may-not see this year:

ASL Journal #7
ASL Action Pack #3
SCS Guadalajara (TME hit rather quickly, this may, too)
The Devil's Cauldron
Strike Them a Blow

We expect to add the following to P# as well:

Paul Rohrbaugh's Battlefield Series Vol. 1
Keith Cumiskey's Black and Tan: Irish War for Independence
ASL Valor of the Guards
ASL Action Pack #4
SCS Guadalajara
NBS Talavera
We're working out a contract for Valor and Horror (Area Movement game) now plus he has some others in the works.
Adam'll have the second part of TDC in the works.
I've got no idea what Dean's got simmering with the honchos right now.

AND additional ASL projects

AND I have to get status on...

Crimelords, Aaron's beer-n-pretzels card game
Front Line West, an "Atlantic Storm" style card game on WWII 1943-45
CWTS - Berg's Civil War Tactical Series

Also, Up Front is slated to have the graphics done by the guys working on Shifting Sands

La citation complète de Brian Youse of MMP.

greuh, qui ne pavoise pas. A la limite il s'en tape.
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Je pensais l'avoir fait plus tard que ça...
Voici quand j'ai précommandé AoO : Order Time: 2003-10-04... :roll:
Quinze mois d'attente et 1742 précommandes enregistrées - pour zéro nécessaires à la mise en route de la prod.

Allez, j'arrête de râler : il neige dru, c'est un beau temps d'hiver! :D

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si vous voulez voir comment ils stockent chez mmp:

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