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Dispatches from the bunker
« le: 02 Juillet 2016, 20:22 »
si vis pacem para bellum

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Dispatches from the bunker #45
« Réponse #1 le: 13 Septembre 2017, 16:17 »
Le numéro 45 vient d'être distribué par pdf/mail : 4 scénarios qui semblent de la lignée des productions précédentes dont le résumé est ci-dessous, un article sur toutes les misères que l'Infanterie peut faire à un gros Tigre et un sur la défense des Plages.
Du bon matos habituellement..

DB134 The Krinkelterwald:
At the start of the ‘Wacht am Rhein’ offensive, famously known as the ‘Battle of the Bulge’, the newly formed German 277th Volksgrenadier Division was tasked with opening the way to Rollbahn A for the 12th SS Panzer Division. Opposing them was the equally green American 99th Infantry Division. Steve Johns has come up with another nice tournament style scenario on Board 75 with the German trying to control 4 of 5 victory hexes on the way to the highway. The German has a big numbers advantage but the GIs have the usual edge in squad firepower and terrain. Six prepared fire zones open up LOS and make kill zones for the advancing enemy to fight through.

DB135 Block On The Trail From Hell:
Back to the jungles of Bougainville with my latest in an ongoing series of scenario portraying the savage fighting that took place there in 1943. A company of Marines has to clear the East-West Trail on Board 37 of good-order Japanese MMCs. The Japanese defense is dug in with foxholes, trenches and a nasty 2-3-5 Pillbox bolstering the defense in the victory area. With a HMG/MMG combo for the IJA it won’t be easy but the leathernecks have the edge in numbers, firepower and have some DCs and a FT to pry open the defense.

DB136 Operation Archery:
An innovative design by Andy Howard with some masterful development work by Tom Morin sees a British/Norwegian Commando strike on Maaloy Island against a German battery of coastal defense guns with some static defense units in support. Played on an altered Gavutu-Tanambogo map, the Allies need to silence the guns and destroy the infrastructure to make weapons including the Ammo Dump, Glycerin Oil Tank and any building still standing after the opening bombardment.

DB137 Die Verdammten:
The Apocalypse has come to the ‘The 3rd Reich’ in the waning days of April 1945 as the Soviet juggernaut rolled into the Halbe Pocket where the remnants of the German 9th Army was trying to break through to the Elbe River and hopefully surrender to the Americans on the other side. With roads clogged with vehicle wrecks and masses of civilians fleeing the enemy, the effort devolved into chaos and a fight for survival.
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