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March Madness - The Players Pack
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Le dernier Pack March Madness est sorti - 10 scénarios
This pack contains 10 scenarios designed by 8 different players. Many are making their first attempt at scenario design. The Kansas City ASL Club held a ASL scenario design contest and these are the scenarios we developed.
There is one scenario with extreme winter and a rather large bunker. Two are from May 1940 on the western front. Two are from Greece and Crete. One good street fight in Stalingrad. One partisan forest fight and two from the battle of the bulge. Last is a night action in early 1945. These scenarios run the length of the war.

Pour amoindrir les frais de port, je me propose de réaliser une commande groupée.
Le prix tout compris sera autour de 20€, fonction du nombre de participants...

Commandes :
* Lorenzo - 1
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